Our Values

At Penn Climate Ventures, all of our actions ought to be centered around sustainability. Our central thesis is that we can act to combat the climate crisis and larger human-caused issues in our environment, and we seek to make all activities

At Penn Climate Ventures, we recognize that the Earth is facing a crisis unlike ever before. Climate change threatens the lives of billions of people in all socioeconomic status. Extreme weather conditions, depleting resources, and natural disasters are a few of the long lasting effects. These problems are exacerbated on impoverished people, communities, and nations. Not just human lives are at risk but the quality and experiences of life. Our ecosystem and biodiversity have intangible value that may very well disappear. Responding to climate change requires movements across economic, social, and political boundaries. And one of the least lacking movements is economics.

Penn Climate Ventures aims to build business oriented climate leaders to solve this crisis. To help achieve this goal, we will base our decisions on a list of values. They are not organized on any level of importance and do not act as dogma. Rather they will act as guidance as we move forward.

  • All activities made internally should do no harm to the environment. And whenever possible should decrease our environmental impact. Merchandise should be bought from sustainable suppliers. Catering and food orders should be from sustainable sources. Funded trips should be taken responsibly with the end goal of becoming more sustainably knowledgeable or having a net positive impact on the environment.
  • Events should be environmentally mindful. Fellowship working on projects should be under the basis that they will make a positive impact and prepare students for these opportunities. And lectures/workshops should work to achieve climate leaders.
  • Successful communities are part of a sustainable environment. We should consider ourselves to be an integral part of the community engaged with the Penn students, the Penn administration, and the Philadelphia city. We are responsible to engage these groups with their benefit in mind.
  • We seek to be diverse. We hope to represent all of Penn schools while being culturally and ethnically diverse. It is our policy to have cross-collaboration across these schools and build deeper relationships.
  • We seek innovation. Not only do we hope to engage schools but also institutions that cater entrepreneurship, sustainability, and technology. We aim to be the center of the Penn Climate innovation scene and we engage our members to do so.
  • We seek growth. Our members' mental and physical welfare are of the utmost importance to us. That being said, we want our members to grow in any avenue they see lacking. We hope to put you in a position or working on a project where you can find the most value from.
  • Communication. Feel free to voice your opinion. We run lean and nothing is really set in stone. We find free communication vital to our growth.