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Breaking the Barriers to Climate

Your Launchpad into Climate Tech

Penn doesn't have any on-campus recruiting (OCR) for climate innovation, making it difficult to break into climate. We aim to change that.

Through our fellowship program, students will work on projects for relevant climate startups and companies, gaining exposure, hands-on experience, and connections in the broader climate space while delivering value to companies.

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PCV offers 2 tracks for students:

01 Consulting

  • Groups of 4-5 students work on a semester-long project for a climate tech startup/company
  • Each group is has 1 project lead (PL) responsible for liaising between PCV, the company, and the team
  • Projects are diverse and could include anything from software development to design and business development. This is largely dependent on clients’ needs and the companies sourced for that semester
  • Applications involve a written application and an interview with PCV

02 Fast-Track Internship

  • 1-2 students are selected to work closely with a founder in the climate space
  • Founders tell us what kind of skills and support they’re looking for, but specific projects and commitments are discussed between you and the founder.
  • Minimum 10 weeks commitment
  • Applications involve a written application, an interview with PCV, and an interview with the founder


What’s the time commitment like?

  • Consulting: 4-5 hrs / wk for 1 semester
  • Internship: determined by you and the founder

What are the projects like?

  • Projects depend on the companies we partner with and their needs. We do our best to source projects that span a range of disciplines, but there are no set rules on what projects we end up offering.

What’s the application process like?

  • Consulting: Initial written application → second round in-person or Zoom interview with PCV → decision
  • Fast-Track Internship: Initial written application → second round in-person or Zoom interview with PCV → final round interview with founder → decision
  • Fall 2021 applications will be released August 31!

Can I apply for multiple consulting projects and/or internships?

  • Yes, but you will only be assigned 1 in the end (for both tracks).

Fall 2021 Projects and Partners

Projects announced August 31, check back then!

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For other questions, comments, feedback, etc., please email pennclimateventures@gmail.com.